Bailey Avenue Mural Installed by Villa Maria College

20150827_170621Bailey Avenue is proud to have our first real mural. It went up today. It was conceived, designed, installed, and FULLY PAID FOR by VILLA MARIA COLLEGE and its School of Arts. Please visit the gallery below. 

This was a yearlong  project process between 2 partners, Bailey Avenue Business Association  and Villa Maria College, and it shows by the result. I sincerely would like to thank the President, Sister Marcella Marie Garus, Director of Academic Affairs, Dr. Matthew Giordano, Assistant Professor at School of Arts, Adam Weekly, the installer Jeremy, and all the students and faculties of the School of Arts, and all Villa Maria College. We are looking forwards to more collaborations together. Please visit the website for more pictures showing the different panels of the mural and how it was put together.

The mural is located at 3162 Bailey Avenue, south/west corner of Bailey/Berkshire, please a time to stop and appreciate this beautiful art work.