East Side theater wins state grant – Buffalo News

Buffalo News On Friday, State Sen. Timothy Kennedy announced the Uptown Theater, 3165 Bailey Ave., is being awarded a $150,000 state grant that could allow it to reopen in early 2015. Theater productions, occasional movies and concerts, and other community and educational events are planned.

“There is no venue like this here in the area – period – no place for families or kids to go without having to go outside the area,” said owner Ibrahim Cisse, an immigrant who came from the Ivory Coast to the United States about 20 years ago and lives in the neighborhood.

“I see a good economic opportunity, and at the same time the potential of what this theater, if it is done right, can bring to this community.”

Cisse purchased the theater in February 2010 for $135,000, and has spent more than $85,000 to put on a new roof and make other repairs. He will provide the remaining $35,000 to cover the work’s estimated cost.

The grant will go toward installing new heating and cooling systems, insulation, energy-efficient doors and upgraded plumbing. Read More at The Buffalo News