Members of the Board

Demone A. SmithDemone A. Smith – Masten District Councilmember

Demone A. Smith is a native of Buffalo, New York. He is a graduate of Buffalo public school #69 and Burgard High School. Demone was active in student government and activities, a varsity letterman and recipient of numerous awards and accolades.

Demone received a Bachelor’s degree in political science from Wilberforce University, the nation’s oldest private African American University. While at Wilberforce, Demone was active in Student Government & activities, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., a tutor as well as recipient of numerous awards and accolades from the University, the student body and surrounding community.

Demone Smith has been active in the education, civic responsibility and political awareness of his generation, as well as older and younger generations in the City of Buffalo, Erie County and the State of New York. Currently, Regional President of the Coalition of Black Elected Democrats (COBED), Former-Western Vice-President of New York State Young Democrats, member of the Executive Committee Assistant Scoutmaster of the Boys Scout Troop 139, member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Paramount F&M Lodge #73, Beverly Rd Block Club and Hamlin Park Taxpayers Association.

Demone was appointed to the Erie County Legislature in 2003 and elected January, 2004. During his tenure in Erie County Demone was able to get the City a bigger share of the sales tax revenue, establish the senior exercise program, increase funding to inner-city cultural, increase diversity in Erie County’s workforce and re-open to Kensington Bailey Community Center. Demone served as a chair of the Finance and Management Committee where he was able to help to stabilize Erie County’s Billion dollar budget after the fiscal challenges the County faced.

Demone has since became Masten District Council Member in 2007 and was overwhelmingly elected for a 2008 term and elected to serve a second term in 2012. As Masten District Council Member, Demone has been an advocate and filed numerous legislation on economic, social and environmental justice as well as a fighter for middle class, working poor and impoverished residents. Demone stands for safe people, neighborhoods and work places, a fair tax system and distribution of resources, coordinated services and the establishment of partnerships to bring about a fair responsive and responsible City Government. Demone was elected as Majority Leader of the Common Council in 2012 and serves as Chair of the Education and Minority Business Enterprise Committee of the Common Council. As a Councilmember, Demone has brought an extensive knowledge base, sound insight and a sincere admiration for the City, neighborhoods and residents he serves.

Demone is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Paramount Lodge#73, the congregation at Our Savior and married and father of two children.


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